The SNS Solution provides a CoWorking approach to textile product based businesses.


Finally, an environment just for you!

One that inspires your creative designs and supports the analytical needs of running a business in one location.




This membership is designed for businesses in the textile industry, your needs are one of a kind, your expenses are unique, your deadlines are seasonal, and we understand your frustration. The Specialist Membership provides all the amazing member benefits and adds access to a wide range of industrial sewing machines, capable of tackling the commercial needs of our local fashion focused businesses.  Perfect for Etsy owners, Fashion Designers with boutique store fronts, and any other textile focused product.



Business Time

Bring your laptop, plug/log-in to the SNS’s High speed internet to conduct all your business transactions. Have a seat at a desk in a real office environment. Access to printers, shredders and other office equipment is also available.

No more working on the kitchen table. No more worrying about how to afford the high rent payments, electric/gas bills, water fees, internet expenses, janitorial costs, and time to administer it.

Business Address: Have the convenience of receiving shipments exactly where you need them.

Meeting Space: Tired of having meetings in your home. Reserve the meeting area for your business appointments.



Do you need storage? Our on-site secured and semi secured storage units include shelves and garment hanging racks to provide the ease of organizing from in process manufacturing to order processing and shipping.




Design Time

Inspiration is everywhere. Your next fashion line is bursting to get out. The next decorative element for your home decor set is almost in focus. With 30 feet of design boards, creativity can flow everywhere without limits. Don’t forget to drape a mannequin or two from fabrics you can find in the scraps bin, you never know what will inspire your next design.




Making it happen..

Prototyping: The Notions Nook is full of zippers, buttons, and everything else that will save you time while you get just the right elements together.

Sourcing: SNS partner network can take most of the hassle out of sourcing and provide discounts on most fabrics.

Manufacturing: Use of industrial machines that include kick presses for grommets and rivets.




The SNS Solution can help you MAKE IT HAPPEN.. Stop in the studio and see how running and growing your textile business in San Francisco can be a dream come true.



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