Sips N Sews provides a solution for your personal sewing studio needs for any sewist at any creative or skill level to be motivated and productive, located in the heart of San Francisco.


Our “One Stop Shop” provides you with the necessities needed for any sewing projects, from space & machines to thread & cutting tables, plus so much more, at ONE low monthly price.


Our sewing community is supportive and inspirational. You never know what you will find under the needle on a daily basis, wedding dresses, award winning quilts, one of a kind sustainable tote bags, dance costumes for upcoming local community theater programs, or the audition piece for the next winner of Project Runway.

Sewing doesn’t have to get in the way of life. Imagine walking through your personal sewing studio solution and SEWING in just 2 minutes, actually sewing in 2 minutes. That is the productivity level that you can have at Sips N Sews. You walk in the studio, sign in, put out your sewing project and your off to the Notions Nook, to pick out your favorite tools. Your project will be completed with efficiency on the studio’s heavy duty  and specialty equipment, having the right Equipment makes each step of construction effective and productive.

OR, head straight to the self serve tea bar, where your favorite tea cup and saucer are calling your name.  You open the glass cabinet door and there they are, as if they are waiting just for you. The next decision of the day is picking from the dozens of different flavors of teas that are available. Some are familiar friends, others are new and exciting adventures to be had. It all depends on the mood you are in.

Just 2 visits a month creates economical value for your membership, consider square footage cost for storage in your home, supplies costs, maintenance costs, utility costs, and the big one, equipment costs. Your membership gives you the ability to enjoy and expand your passion for sewing.

To learn more about all the advantages of membership visit our Membership Benefits page.

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