Joe the Quilter 

Joe Cunningham began making quilts professionally in 1979, after a ten-year career as a musician in  Michigan. His early mentors were steeped in the history and traditions of quilts, leading Cunningham to a  life of study in quilt history and a love of traditional technique.

Over the years his quilts have evolved into a  unique, personal style. His quilts are in  the permanent collections of museums, as well as in numerous  private collections. Cunningham’s 11 books on quilts include the 2010 book “Men and the Art of  Quiltmaking,” (the first book on the subject), a museum catalogue for the  Shelburne Museum’s exhibition,  “Man-Made Quilts: Civil War to the Present,” and his essay for the de Young Museum  show Amish  Abstractions: Quilts from the Collection of Faith and Stephen Brown.” His column for the national  magazine The Quilt Life is called “Biased and Edgy.”

He has been seen on the Peabody Award winning PBS  series “Craft in America,” the HGTV series “Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson”, the PBS series “Sewing with  Nancy” and on “The Quilt Show” with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims.”  He gives talks about quilts and  teaches workshops nationwide.


Paul Gallo 

paulAfter graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Paul took his Fashion Design major and made it work for him on Fashion Avenue, technically known as 7th Avenue.

At age 21, he started his first clothing line, self named Gallofornia, since then his designs have appeared on TV, movies, the internet and in all types of magazines and catalogs.

After doing the New York scene, Paul brought his talents to San Francisco. Since 1991, he perfected his skills at draping and patternmaking. His ability to construct and drape any garment has earned him a title as a Master patternmaker.  Paul’s talents have been commissioned by companies in the United States, China and India.

Paul’s amazing talents are used in design and production of costumed  wardrobe  for Bay Area theaters, dancers and other entertainers. He is also commissioned to create custom gowns and for good measure a few riff – raff outfits..


Ashley Bridges

As almost a life long sewist, Ashley brings modern style and techniques to the any class she leads. Ashley’s passion in textile arts peak when discussing Costume Design and Cosplay. She is active in the Sci-Fi costuming for National and International conventions. Her designs incorporate retro elegance with modern style.

“Textures and color palettes amaze me, sewing with specific techniques allows you to mix and match with limitless options. Working with other sewists and helping to enhance others skills.”

Ashley lives in San Francisco and enjoys comedians that are showcased at local venues. Ashley is a student at the Academy of Arts, declaring a major in Costume Design.



Alice Thomas


Alice Thomas started her quilting experience in her home town of San Francisco at the Josephine Randall Junior Museum. A deep emotional respect for repurposing fabric feeds her loving of quilting. “The ability to use fabrics from other projects or clothing allows the quilt to take on the original purpose of its fabric, to live on in a different form, to continue providing comfort and warmth to someone else.”

Alice has worked with and donates her quilting skills to Luke Haynes for his ongoing artist exhibits and community fund raising projects since 2014, his exhibit LCoDJ – 50 Quilts – Log Cabin was an amazing success in Los Angeles.

Since 2012, in her down time, Alice creates costumes and dances with Grupo Experimental Nago in San Francisco.

Alice hopes that the Intro to Quilting class, she teaches will help others to learn how much fun quilting is and how amazing it feels to express yourself with Fabric Arts.  


Sasha Cardinale-Weinberg


Sasha has always been up to creative messes, painting and drawing as a child, and exploring graphic and textile design throughout high school. She attended San Francisco’s Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, for a degree in Fashion Design, and specializes in Technical Design.
Sasha is a Retro-futuristic enthusiast, with a love for shiny, metallic, neon, and holographic things- which often translates into unusual fabrics to sew.
Sasha is local to San Francisco, and currently booting up her company Rocket Ready Apparel, a collection of knit, leather, and vinyl garments and accessories to teleport you into the future.



Joy – Lily


Joy-Lily is the  daughter of a dressmaker. She has been teaching quilting since the late 20th Century. As an artist in residence for the California Arts Council, she taught textile arts (including quilting) to seniors for 9 years. Currently she has a California Adult Teaching Credential in textiles and creative arts. Her book Carefree Quilts – A Freestyle Twist on Classic Designs was published in 2012 and her work has been published and exhibited internationally.

Joy’s latest personal project was completed in 13 months. The project to sew 100 (small) quilt tops for premature babies.



Dayo Mitchell


As an experienced garment seamstress, Dayo has developed curriculum that creates stylish and trendy projects that enhance any wardrobe.

Her career as a college educator, she understands the importance a learning environment in the process of developing new skills. She brings that philosophy to each class.


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