You want to LEARN TO SEW.

Sips N Sews can help.

The classes listed on this page are designed to start your sewing journey in a way that is informative and productive. We want you to be inspired during each step of your sewing adventure.

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Step 1 –  The Intro to Sewing BOOTCAMP         

What tools do I need, how does the sewing machine work?  Where do I start? 

All supplies you need are included in this 3 1/2 hour class, as the First Step on your sewing journey, you will be expertly guided through What your tool kit needs?  Sewing Machine; starting at the on/off button we explain and demonstrate  the most common features, building your confidence to use a sewing machine while understanding; the Anatomy of a Sewing Machine, how to understand the machine settings, threading, bobbins, and troubleshooting. Hands On sewing practice sheets focus on showing you the importance of fabric control, following seam allowance guides, keeping your seams lines straight, being able to sew straight stitch, zigzag, curves, and corners.

This class will provide an intense curriculum for a solid foundation for your ability to understand the equipment needed to develop a sewing skill.  This is not a project class.

Class is limited, please reserve your space now. Reservations Required, drop ins not accepted.

 Step 2 – Intro to Construction             

Continue your the educational journey with this 3 hour class that guides you through a complete understanding of what a pattern is, how to read a pattern, understanding fabric grain, fabric labels, how to take measurements, taking your personal measurements – that go home with you, a practical sewing project exercise that finalizes with the completion of your first sewing project.

At the end of this class you are ready to dive right the next page BEGINNER PROJECTS   for your next sewing adventure.

Gift Cards are a great way to share your sewing passion with a friend.

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