Sips N Sews provides an environment for all sewists of any creative or experience level to be motivated and productive by bringing the necessities for sewing into one place at one low monthly price. This environment enables friendship bond among sewists and encourages participation in sewing while eliminating the overwhelming effort, space and costs required in maintaining a sewing hobby. Our “One Stop Shop” provides you with the necessities needed for any sewing projects, including machines, thread, scissors, cutting tables and much more.


With unlimited access to a wide range of sewing machines, a vast array of supplies,  access to technique classes and project tutorials, the ability to consign your creations in the studio’s public-facing retail shop, and an endless selection of specialty teas, Sips N Sews is your personal sewing studio solution.


The ‘Sips’ part encourages a relaxing and social environment, one begins with preparing a cup of tea from a vast collection of cups and teas, then finds their perfect spot on cozy rocking chairs. One can also dive into the library, one of our many Membership Benefits, it is packed with current magazine subscriptions, how to books, project idea, pattern books, quilting patterns, fabric and color charts, everything you need to expand your sewing knowledge or inspire the next project. The fully stocked Notions Nook and Thread Wall provides you with everything else. Before you know it, your sewing project is completed.

Our classroom offers the perfect setting for learning new techniques, and with our every growing list of Classes, you have a chance to learn a little of everything. Our Instructors are obsessed with teaching unique and trendy projects. Most of our classes include all required notions, and machine usage.

To be a successful member, all you need to do is have a desire to sew (at any level) and bring the fabric you will need.  We provide everything else required to complete most sewing projects. The comfort and usability of the studio will be the primary focus of our staff.


For Tammy Gustin, founder of Sips N Sews, sewing has always been her favorite hobby. While working in the tech industry, she turned to sewing as a stress reliever. One day while downtown San Francisco, she stopped in a local downtown cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee, when she saw three students in the cafe who were using sewing machines. Seeing anything sewing, she approached and engaged, she found out they were students enrolled in local fashion design programs. Each one had a different story about what and how they ended up doing homework that the cafe. All the stories had one thing in common, NO SPACE, whether it was school lab was booked, too many roommates, or simply no space to dedicate to sewing. The stories are etched forever in her memory.

The lack of creative space in San Francisco has always been an issue, for a sewist it has been extremely hard to find. She also noticed that Lifetime’s “Project Runway” show has been influencing people who have never touched a sewing machine to want to learn how to sew, proving that even beginners could be drawn to a space that offers support in getting started, and so Sips N Sews was created.